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Jeff SessionsAttorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear there is no such thing as a low-level drug offense under his authority. In mid May he introduced a new policy for federal prosecutors to charge individuals with the "most serious and, readily provable offense".

Previous Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama insisted that there was both a moral and economic case for pursuing sentences that fit the crime committed—in their view, a first time, nonviolent offender should not be forced to spend decades behind bars.

But Sessions remarks that his new approach is mainly targeting drug traffickers those carrying kilos of drugs into the country and that "drug dealers ARE going to prison".

Many have already come out against Sessions with the American Civil Liberties Union having an entire page on their website dedicated to a petition to stop Sessions from bringing back the War on Drugs, the petition already has 86,119 signatures of the needed 110,000.

Even the President of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund is saying the Attorney General has "turned back the clock" and is paving the way for unfair punishment for people of color. The War on Drugs has been found by many parties to target people of color. The ACLU states on their website "Jeff Sessions has a history of endorsing ineffective policies and positions based on political rhetoric. He wants to put as many people as possible behind bars as possible."

Sally Yates, the Attorney General until President Trump fired her in January, is publicly going after Sessions for his hard-ruling leading tendencies on Twitter, where she linked to a piece she wrote for the Washington Post entitled "Making America Scared Again Won't Make Us Safer". Yates insists Sessions has "rolled back the clock to the 1980s, reinstating the harsh, indiscriminate use of mandatory minimum drug sentences," also defending the nation's current historically low crime rate.

Do you agree with the comeback of the War on Drugs and the way Jeff Sessions is going about it? Or do you think the road to driving drug abuse down could be benefited by a different strategy?



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